~ Treasures ~

“What a statuesque and exotic beauty Beth Zdeblick is. I am so delighted to feature her as our newest Valobra Treasure. She is tremendously caring and spectacularly passionate about everything she does, whether being a mother, playing tennis or chairing one of the many charities and foundations she deeply cares about. She is a sparkling clear and diamond brilliant representation of the next generation of great women leading our community philanthropic efforts while excelling in all other aspects of their lives.”

Franco Valobra

What was the first piece of jewelry you ever received or purchased for yourself?

My dad bought me a beautiful gold cat ring with emerald eyes at an early age. Even though I was young, I knew how special it was! He is definitely the reason for my love of jewelry.

Tell us two of your qualities that make you a gem.

Drive – I have the determination to work hard and get things done! Honesty – I am an open book and like to tell everyone my thoughts! I would like to instill both of these qualities in my children.

Rubies, sapphires, or emeralds? And Why?

I have to choose my birthstone, sapphires! The stone of wisdom and royalty.

Share with us your pearls of wisdom.

Wake up in the morning with an optimistic attitude and think forward about how the day will be great. Act as if its impossible to fail! Also, think about how to help someone out during the day. We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

If you could click your ruby slippers together and transport to a vacation somewhere, where would it be?

My happy place … Paris. Art, shopping, food, wine and cooking classes. My absolute favorite place to be with my family.


2150 Westheimer Rd
Houston, Tx 77098


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