~ Treasures ~

“I choose Gina Bhatia to be a “Valobra Treasure” not just for the reasons that everyone would imagine. Yes, she is beautiful, graceful and kind to everyone, and, yes, she is actively and full heartedly involved in multiple fundraising efforts for many worthwhile causes, but few know that she is, most importantly, an adoring and caring mother as well as a devoted and loving wife. That is why she is a true treasure.”

Franco Valobra

What was the first piece of jewelry you ever received or purchased?

I can tell you about the first special piece of jewelry that I received. It was a gift was from my parents, when I was a child, for my First Communion. A beautiful gold cross necklace with a diamond in the center of it. I loved it so much and I still do!

Tell us two of your qualities that make you a gem.

I think just being genuine and real.

Rubies, sapphires or Emeralds and why?

Although I love all of the above, Diamonds are my favorite! A diamond is truly forever. It is my birthstone. It was meant to be! Diamonds are timeless and should be passed down from generation to generation. Always keep them in the family.

Share with us your pearls of wisdom.

Raised in in the deep south by Italian parents. I have many pearls! They are: Always be true to yourself, put your family first, be very present and hands on in your children’s lives, be grateful to God, be a leader, not a follower, less is more, be gracious and kind, respect yourself, stay grounded no matter what, give back to your community, rise above, be good to animals, trust your instincts, learn from your mistakes, own what you do, don’t blame others, don’t change who you are for anyone.

If you could click your ruby slippers together and transport to a vacation somewhere, where would that be?

I would have a multi city transport! London, Paris and New York City in December. Love them all!

“I am passionate about supporting many local organizations such as Houston Ballet, Houston Petset, March of Dimes, Texas Children’s Hospital and Virtuosi.” – Gina Bhatia


2150 Westheimer Rd
Houston, Tx 77098


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