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“I am so thrilled to present Karina Barbieri as this month’s Valobra Treasure. She is tremendously passionate about her worthwhile philanthropic efforts, including the Latin Women’s Initiative, the Houston Symphony and Virtuosi of Houston. Karina has proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the fundraising arena. She has increased awareness particularly in the Latin community.  Her style and colorful elegance perfectly represent her personality, vibrance and culture. She also loves jewelry… what a treasure!”

Franco Valobra

What was the first piece of jewelry you ever received or purchased for yourself?

I remember two special gifts that I received from my parents when I was a little girl. It was a pair of turquoise earrings mounted on 18k yellow gold and a chain made of the same gold with a symbol of my zodiac sign.

Tell us two of your qualities that make you a gem.

I am a very perseverant and loving person.

Rubies, sapphires, or emeralds? And Why?

I have a bias for emeralds since my mother was born in Colombia and in that country they have some of the most beautiful emeralds in the world. In fact, I have several that have been gifted by my beautiful mother.

Share with us your pearls of wisdom.

Express affection, physically and emotionally to your children. Try to be a better person. Be compassionate to those less fortunate, be grateful, forgive yourself.

If you could click your ruby slippers together and transport to a vacation somewhere, where would it be?

I would choose three different places in one day which I did often when we lived in Europe. At one point I had breakfast in Amsterdam, lunch in Brussels and dinner in Paris. If I could magically transport to these places right now I would want it to be with my family.


2150 Westheimer Rd
Houston, Tx 77098


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